Aziel AzharBusiness Development. Principal Photographer

An imperfect perfectionist with powerful choleric and perfect melancholic temperament – go figure. Exceptionally capable and tirelessly motivated. Fuelled by challenges.

Syed FadhilTechnical Development. Principal Photographer

An airman-turned-photographer with strong passion in tooling & DIY. Co-authored a book titled “Wedding Photography – Panduan Menjadi Fotografer Perkahwinan” along with Aziel. A peaceful phlegmatic-choleric personality.

Azrul AzharProduction crew

Makes things happen and in order. Keeps the team sane and alive with his jokes. A peaceful sanguine-phlegmatic personality.

Shasha AzmarAssociate Make-up Artist

A supermom who frequently travels back and forth northern-central region of Malaysia with her work, Beauty of Shasha Azmar’s Touch,   providing makeup for television, bridal, events and corporate shoots. A sanguine-choleric personality

Fatin AzharIntern Super-heroine

An electronic engineering undergraduate juggling her studies and administrative role in the team. A phlegmatic-melancholic personality