Professional Musician & Performances

Starting from 2013, we are expanding the business by venturing into business related to stage performances and event coordination. Mr Azhar Shariff, a professional Jazz singer, leads the team in this new area of the business with his more than 30 years professional experience in musical performances.

Make-Up Artist

Introducing our associate make-up artist, Ms. Shasha Azmar from Beauty of Shasha Azmar. Shasha is a professional make-up artist who has worked for TV shows & stage performances, and provides training and give talks on Make-up and self-grooming for various corporate bodies. Checkout her recent activity on Facebook.

Basic DSLR / Photography Coaching

full logo copyBelajarKamera (BK) is our community project aimed at providing online tutorial related to basic DSLR handling and photography in laymen Bahasa Malaysia founded in 2009. We also organise personal/group coaching service to enable one-to-one interaction for better guidance and understanding. BK also provides a platform to advertise for selling & buying of photographic equipments/accessories by third party seller.